Ultimate Care Products
Spa treatments - In your own home


You deserve the best. Experience spa treatments in the comfort of your own personal space.

Our Ultimate Care Products offer the highest quality ingredients crafted from natural and as environmentally friendly sources as possible.

These precious ingredients, found from exotic locations worldwide, create luxurious spa products for your good health and relaxation.

High-quality oils and butters are selected for their qualities in the soap. We use blends of cocoa and shea butter, organic coconut and olive oils, and avocado, organic sunflower, hemp and grape seed oils - to name a few.
Handmade soaps using natural ingredients using the cold process method and made in small batches.
Natural ingredients, no harsh chemicals in our face care products.
Cleanse, tone and hydrate the face for beautiful radiant skin with natural ingredient face products
Wixy Soap has lotion and lotion bars to make your skin feel silky soft, moisturized and nourished.  Fast absorbing and non-greasy
Lotions with no harsh chemicals are better than store bought anyday
Discover how natural shampoos and conditioners can make your hair soft and silky
Wixy Soap Natural Hair Care Products
pH Balanced Dog Shampoo with Essential Oils
Pet Care - no harsh detergents, additives or chemical fragrance
Essential oils are used for Aromatherapy, Skin Care, Health and to add scent to soap.  We used only high grade essential oils.  Certifications available
Pure Essential Oils
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