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Cold Process Soap Making Classes using Lye
Cold Process Soap Making Classes using Lye

At Wixy Soap we specialize in natural soap making, organic soap making, vegan soap making, and other bath and beauty classes. We teach both the cold process method and the melt and pour methods of making soap.  They are very different.  We also offer lotion making classes and bath bomb classes.

The cold process method uses lye, also known as the “old fashioned way” to make soap.  Our classes are designed and delivered to give you the utmost confidence using lye and making soap after the first class.  You will take home the custom wood soap mold and a lot of soap and knowledge to make soap on your own in the future....priceless.

Melt and pour soap classes.  Otherwise known as glycerin soap.  This class is suitable for parents and kids over 12, however your whole family can be involved in making melt and pour soaps at home.  Wixy Soap uses only a high-quality base that you will learn to make into beautiful healthy soap. The design of your soap is endless!  Creating melt and pour soap designs is an Art!

Bath Bomb classes.  Another great class for the family to participate in.  If you have made bath bombs before, you know it's not as easy as it looks.  Get some good tips to successfully make colorful bath bombs.

Lotion making Classes.  Learn about the ingredients in lotions and creams and how it is all put together.  Add a bit of fun chemistry, just to mix it up a bit.  You and your family will enjoy savings and never buy lotion again.  Make a different lotion every time. There are so many different options.

Generally, the classes are held on the weekends.  Check the 'Events Calendar' for updated class dates and times.  Ask about group discounts!  This is a great team-building event. You may purchase soap making and lotion supplies at a discount after class. Check out our store for all of our favourite bath and beauty products.

Soap & Body Care Supplies

Soap Supplies Edmonton Alberta
Soap Supplies Edmonton Alberta

We offer soap supplies for the hobby soap maker as well as bath bomb supplies and lotion supplies.  Kits make everything more convenient.  One stop shopping!  Each kit will provide you with all the ingredients you need as well as an instruction book with Bonus recipes.

PIck up hours and locations Click Here.  Conveniently located near Yellowhead and Hwy 21.  See MAP.  You can make arrangements for pick-up or delivery.

Sodium Hydroxide, Potassium Hydroxide, Citric Acid, SLSA, Carrier oils, Exotic carrier oils, Fragrance oils, essential oils, Cold-process Soap kits, Melt & Pour Soap kits, Lotion Kits, Bath Bomb Kits, Molds, emulsifiers, Germall and preservatives.  Be sure to contact us for items you need that may not be on the website. Text or call 587-785-8878.

Custom Soap Orders

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Custom Soap Orders

Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Thank you's, Showers, Housewarmings....

Wixy Soap will fill your custom order.  Just let us know what you are looking for or let us help you.  The recipe can be crafted around allergies and sensitivities.  The soap will be ready to use 5-6 weeks from production as it needs to cure and dry fully. 

Quantity pricing is available. 

We carry a selection of the most popular soaps in stock and can be viewed on our website. 

Go ahead and try our handmade natural soaps.  They are moisturizing, bubbly with rich creamy lather and very gentle on the skin.  We are sure you will be pleased.

Our most popular soap, the Goat's Milk soap, is always in stock! 

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