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Handmade Soap by Wixy Soap

When we think about frequently asked questions, this one comes to mind:

“I have sensitive skin and can’t use regular soap. Can I use handmade organic herbal soap?” The answer, of course, is yes and here’s why.

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Essential oils are organic, volatile, liquids that are secreted by tiny structures in a plant’s various parts such as the seeds, leaves, fruits, flowers, resins, and woods. An essential oil gets its name from the plant from which it is derived. These oils were given the name “essential,” because they were believed to capture a plant’s essence, that is its odor and flavor.

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Source: New Directions Aromatics Inc.

The fast and easy melt and pour method of making soap is the safest to partake in, because the “tricky” parts are pre-made for you! The basic principle is melting a pre-made soap base and pouring it into a mold. Extra ingredients, which are referred to as additives, make melt-and-pour soap the most fun to work with. Add colourants, moisturizers, fragrances, exfoliants and extracts to create unique, artistic bars of soap! The step-by-step recipe below shows you how to easily and safely make natural soap in just 10 steps!

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