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DIY Hand Cream
DIY Hand Cream


 Credit to New Directions Aromatics (Canada) for this information.  NDA is one of Wixy Soap's trusted suppliers.  They have a great selection of products, their customer service is absolutely outstanding, the quality of the products is exceptional.  Wixy Soap refers to their website often and considers their website to be one of the best. 


  • Introduction
  • What Causes Dry Skin On Hands?
  • How Moisturizers Can Help
  • Best Ingredients For Dry Hands
  • Basic DIY Recipes For Dry Hands
  • Safety Precautions & Contraindications



  • Although many factors can be responsible for dry skin on hands, frequent hand washing and the continuous use of disinfecting sanitizers are currently a leading cause for excessive hand dryness.

  • The topical application of cosmetic moisturizers, including creams and lotions, can help successfully alleviate dry hand symptoms.

  • As the fragility, texture, skincare needs, and level of exposure to irritants of the hands differ from facial skin or skin on the rest of the body, hand care products need to be specially formulated keeping these variables in mind.

  • In dry hands, the skin's superficial layer (termed the stratum corneum) lacks essential moisture, lipids, oils, and natural humectants, impairing its protective function and creating a rough, dull, fissured, uneven skin surface.

  • To make effective hand creams and lotions for dry hands, cosmetic humectants, occlusives, and emollients all have to be included in order to deliver sufficient hydration to the skin, trap that moisture to stay within the skin, and help repair the skin's protective barrier.


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