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Soap, Lotions, Bath Bombs, Supplies and Classes

We offer soap supplies for the hobby soap maker, as well as bath bomb supplies and lotion supplies.  Be sure to contact us for items you need that may not be on the website. Text or call 587-785-8878.
Want to learn to make your own soap?  Sign up for one of our classes.
No time to make soap?  We carry a variety of luxurious handmade soaps.  In our spa section, you will also find the best of Wixy Soap's bath and beauty products.  From incredibly effective natural deodorant to sulphate-free hair products to nourishing face masks.
We are a distributor for Pro Vital, an exciting new cosmetic company launching innovative natural products here in the western hemisphere.
Conveniently located near Hwy 16 (Yellowhead Trail) and Hwy 21 in Sherwood Park, Alberta.  During Covid you can make arrangements for pick-ups here, evenings and weekends.  There is plenty of parking.  Arrange to pick up during the weekdays from 411 Kaska Road, Sherwood Park.
Sodium Hydroxide, Potassium Hydroxide, Citric Acid, SLSA, Carrier oils, Exotic carrier oils, Fragrance oils, essential oils, Cold-process Soap kits, Melt & Pour Soap kits, Lotion Kits, Bath Bomb Kits, Molds, emulsifiers, Germall and preservatives.

Store Hours and Appointments

We are available evenings by appointment, between 6 and 8pm. We are also available on weekends when class aren't in session. You just need to make an appointment. We will try to be as accommodating as possible.
Orders will be filled after 5:30pm weekdays and may be ready that evening. Generally orders will be ready for pickup in 1 or 2 days.
If you have placed an order you can arrange for pickup in 2 places in Sherwood Park and one in Ellerslie.
We thank you for your patience and cooperation!

How Wixy Soap Started

I was a custom home builder in Southern Alberta and real estate agent.  Then the housing market crashed.  I came to live in Sherwood Park to be closer to family.  I brought my best friends, 2 shih tzu's I had had since they were 8 weeks old.
Winnie passed when she was almost 16, and a few months later, Foxy developed an intolerable skin infection that seemed to be exacerbated by her doggie dementia kicking in.  I was bathing her almost daily with medicated shampoo and she was on other medications including steroids.
One day a co-worker from Goa suggested I put some turmeric in her food.  Now, I had dabbled in some "natural" products, cleaning products that didn't seem to work and such, so I was a bit skeptical, but also desperate to try anything for my distraught Foxy.  I fed her the non-irridated turmeric from the health food store (a place I would soon frequent more often) and added it to her meals.  Alas, after only a short while she was healthy enough to come off her meds. 
I was sold on natural ingredients.  I was so excited for Foxy that I promised to make her natural ingredient dog shampoo.  So I set off, binge watching how-to videos on YouTube.  I had to know how to make cold process soap before I could make shampoo and liquid soap.  When I made my first batch of homemade cold process soap I was HOOKED!  
As most soapers can relate, I made batch after batch, making more than I could give away.
Well, I started a company, I sold beautiful handmade soap that everybody loved.  Wixy Soap was named after my Winnie and Foxy. 

The Evolution of Wixy Soap

I worked hard selling my handmade soap.  Preparing for trade shows, big and small, pop-ups and markets.  Eventually, the market started to saturate, and at one long 3-day weekend Christmas market, with no traffic and less sales, I was frustrated and tired.  I still wanted to make and market soap but it was getting hard with a full-time job, playing competative racquetball and taking care of my critters.
Many of my clients had expressed an interest in making soap.  So, I put on a class.  It was a huge hit, everyone had a blast including myself.  This is how the classes started.  Now Wixy Soap offers classes in Melt & Pour Soapmaking, Advanced Swirl Soapmaking, Lotion Making and Bath bombs.  Liquid soapmaking, and Shampoo and Conditioner bars classes are slated for 2022.




Rules I Play By

Not everyone loves cats, don't judge.  People constantly surprise me, usually in a good way.  Everyone has their story that makes them who they are today.  Stop and listen, everyone has something to teach me.  Never stop learning.  Appreciate our differences.  When something happens that I don't like, sit back and figure out what the universe is trying to tell me. It's usually telling me I'm wrong, again...


I was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, lived in High River and Vulcan where I owned a custom home building company and a truss company and moved to  Sherwood Park over 10 years ago to be closer to family.  Now I build and teach soap and love every minute of it.