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Wixy Soap Blog

  • Liquid Soap Class: Store Soap vs. Your DIY Liquid Soap

    Learn how to make liquid soap yourself.

    In one short class, you will learn how to make liquid soap and take home enough for I don't know how long really, but it will be a long time. Do you care about what goes onto your skin? Compare the ingredients from store soap and your soap.
  • What is the Best Color for Soap?

    There are several different soap colorants that are available for soap makers.These colorants are available in a wide range of colors and can come in both liquid and powder form. What is the best choice for soap?
  • Lye Safety for Beginners | Wixy Soap

    For beginners and for those who need a reminder, let's talk about lye safety and ideal materials!
  • Where did Wixy Soap come from?

    From Southern Alberta with dreams of being an Architect to Sherwood Park and soapmaking. My 2 shih tzu's were the inspiration for Wixy Soap.


  • Dead Sea Minerals

    Thank you to for interesting information Dead Sea Minerals – A Vital Secret The human body is known to be a highly sophisticated machi...
  • Melt and Pour Soap vs Cold Process Soap Making

    Melt and Pour Soap vs Cold Process Soap Making.  Which class should we take?
  • Conditioner Bar for Hair

    Restore that youthful look to your hair with Restore conditioner bar. Give your hair and scalp the boost that it needs to function and perform at a higher level.
  • Sell Your Skincare in Canada Legally

    Step by step instructions on how to submit your Cosmetic Notification Forms through Health Canada and Label your products properly.  Find out how to complete these steps quickly and easily.

  • Ingredients for Soapmaking and Lotion making

    Common soap and lotion making ingredients like carrier oils, butters, emulsifiers, raw ingredients, lyes, clays and what they are used for.