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Experience the potential of ViscOptima SE, a versatile liquid modifier that easily emulsifies and stabilizes high concentrations of oils and emollient esters. With its powerful thickening abilities, ViscOptima SE can produce luxuriously creamy formulations at low levels, giving skin a silky, smooth, and silicone-like texture.

Shake well before using.

ViscOptima SE is a multifunctional anionic rheology modifier. Thickens up to 65,000 cPs at 2%, auto-emulsifies up to 30% oil, esters or silicone and adds an unbeatably smooth, silky, silicone-feel to the skin.  Make your oil or water based creams and lotions absolutely luxurious. 

NOTE: Product may separate with time. Shake well before use. 


  • Can be pumped or sprayed
  • Instant and effective thickening at low inclusion levels
  • Self emulsifies up to 30% oil and silicone 
  • Incorporated at any time during formulation including post addition  
  • Cold and hot processable 
  • Temperature and freeze-thaw stable
  • No neutralization required 
  • useful in formulations requiring suspension of particles.

Typical Usage Rate:  0.5 - 3% at any stage of formulation. 
Will thicken within seconds and will form a stable emulsion within minutes. An anionic, white liquid with an effective pH range of 6-12.

 Use in your face, body, and eye creams, as well as your moisturizing and nourishing creams and lotions.

INCI: Sodium Polyacrylate (and) Ethylhexyl Cocoate (and) PPG-3 Benzyl Ether Myristate (and) Polysorbate 20

    Customer Reviews

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    A must-have ingredient for any soap maker😊. It does what it claims to do in CP soap; it creates a harder bar and helps speed up the unmolding time. I will definitely use it again in my next batch of soap.

    I'm glad this helped you with your soap unmolding Grace. Some great information for others needing the same and for a harder bar of soap. I really appreciate your review. Di