Melt and Pour Soap vs Cold Process Soap Making

Because I teach two methods of soapmaking I get a lot of questions about soapmaking processes.  The question that is most often posed is:

“What is the difference between cold process and melt and pour soapmaking?” The second biggest questions is:

“Can I make soap without lye?” And third is:

“Can kids under 18 can take the class?”

It’s time to lay it out there and answer your questions!  Determine which class you and your beginner soap maker friends, should be in.

“What is the differences between cold process and melt and pour soapmaking?"

Soapmaking is pure chemistry.

Very simple,  Lye plus oil = SOAP. No lye, no soap. 

When lye (sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide) is dissolved in a liquid and is introduced to oil, a chemical reaction called saponification occurs.  The resulting product is, yes, you guessed it, soap. 

This is sometimes considered the “Old fashioned” way of making soap.  Perhaps your grandparents made soap this way.  This process is called cold process soapmaking. 

We mix the oil and lye together until it resembles pudding, add color, scent then pour into a mold.  The next day we will unmold, cut into bars and let sit for 5-6 weeks to finish curing and to harden. 

Of course, using lye can be very dangerous if you do not know what you are doing and do not wear safety gear.  This is why many people take this class, in order to learn about lye safety and to become comfortable using it to make soap.  Generally, this class is intended for 18 years and up, however parents have brought their capable teenagers to this class. 

Melt and pour soap is also known as glycerin soap.  The lye process has already been done for you.  You purchase it in blocks from craft stores or from us.

You will melt it, then add color, scent and other tantalizing ingredients in order to create some really funky and beautiful soaps.  Wixy Soap provides only the highest quality of melt and pour soap bases. 

We also offer the upgraded Tall ’N Skinny silicone mold that can be purchased when you book your class.  It is very versatile and makes a great looking and a little bit different looking bar of soap. 

Since we do not handle lye in this class, it is suited for children under 18 with a parent.  You can make a great family day making soap.

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