Sell Your Skincare in Canada Legally

If you're already making and selling your cosmetics (skincare, haircare, makeup, bath bombs, etc), have you registered them with Health Canada?

Here are the steps YOU NEED TO take.

Notifying Health Canada - Submit your Cosmetic Notification Forms through Health Canada

Before you sell, or up to 10 days after your first sale, make sure to submit the cosmetic notification forms to Health Canada. This may seem intimidating, but don't be discouraged. this is simply information about your company and its products.
You will need your company info and a list of all your products and their ingredients. Make sure to have the INCI names of your ingredients, and the percentages of each ingredient in the final product.
Don't worry if you forget something, you can amend the form after it is submitted. You will hear back from Health Canada in a couple of months.
Want to learn more about these forms?
Check out our the Cosmetic Notification Forms (CNF) in Canada link. 



Label your products properly

Health Canada requires certain information be on the labels like the weight, ingredients in INCI, and your contact info. Visit the Cosmetic Labelling Requirements in Canada site here.

Designing appealing packaging and labels is also important! Get inspiration from other products in the same same, or in totally different industries.

Isn't there an easier way?

If all of this is a little too much for you, we have an online class which breaks everything down. 

You can certainly go it alone. But entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey. And searching for all the answers on your own can take forever. Plus, some of that free information is just plain wrong or outdated! We take our years of ongoing research and place it directly in our classes and resources for you.

This online 3 week program covering everything you need to know to legally sell skincare and cosmetics in Canada.

The self taught program includes our 3 step process:

Register: Registering a business name, business structures, liability insurance, business licences and permits

Notify: Health Canada cosmetic notification forms, Good Manufacturing Practices

Label: Options for printing labels, Health Canada regulations, free label templates

Gain time, freedom, and valuable insight when you work with us. We’re here to support you, however you need! 
Learn so much more in the

Sell Your Skincare Online Class. 


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