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Beeswax Beads White

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These Beeswax Beads are 100% natural and are refined through physical processes

  • bleached and filtered to remove any impurities
  • shaped into small pellets for easy use
  • natural wax is melted and filtered through active carbon to remove its scent and color

Beeswax Beads can be used in lotions, creams, balms, body butter and even soaps. They provide body and stiffness to formulations and aid as an incomplete emulsifier or thickener.

Candle making:

  • natural beeswax burns cleaner and longer than petroleum-based paraffin waxes
  • does not smoke as with petroleum-based paraffin
  • 100% pure refined beeswax
  • slow-burning wax is preferred when making aromatherapy-grade candles.

Melting point of this wax is between 62° and 67° C (143° to 152° F).  Overheating will affect scent and color and give poor-quality results such as a cooked or burnt odor, and off-white color.