Lotion Making Class

Lotion Making Class

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You will make a lotion that beats the pants off of store-bought lotions.  Students RAVE about how much they LOVE the lotion that they made.  You too will learn to make a far superior lotion that your family will love.  They are so smooth and silky.  You will wonder why you didn't learn this earlier.

 Lotions are such a simple thing.....Or ARE they?

  • How are lotions made?
  • What ingredients do we use in lotions? My lotion has a lot of ingredients that I don't know!  Are they bad for me?
  • My good lotions are getting expensive to buy!
  • Wouldn't you love to use some exotic oils like plum or apricot kernel?
  • What is the difference between a lotion and a cream?
  • How do I prevent my lotion from spoiling?
  • But I don't want to use a preservative, what will I do? 

Find the answers in this class.  

Customize your lotion with essential oils or fragrances, color it and package it in a nice pump bottle.  You will get a customized label for a beautiful finishing touch. 

Be sure to get a lotion kit to make more at home.

Please wear a mask, bring crafting clothes, and a drink and/or snack if you wish.   In a facility with 2 cats (but you would never know it).

Returning Students receive a $10 Discount on all further classes.  Use returningstudent10 at Checkout.  Thanks for joining us again!