Volcano Fragrance Oil (Capri Blue Dupe) - Wixy Soap - Fragrance

Volcano Fragrance Oil (Capri Blue Dupe)

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Score 95 Wixies

Volcano fragrance is an interesting mix of tropical fruits, limes, lemons and oranges, that linger over a vibrant blanket of exotic greens.

Phthalate free.  Does not discolour or accelerate trace. Candle safe.

INCI:  parfum

Flashpoint: 200°F

Vanilla content: 0.0%

IFRA Maximum Skin Exposure Levels:

 Body Lotion: 10.0% Body Wash: 10.0% Soap: 10.0%
Face Cream: 10.0% Body Powder: 5.0% Baby: 4.0%
Perfume: 10.0% Deodorant: 2.0% Lip: 0.00%
Pet: 0.0%

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Chris Scanlan
Tropical and sweet!

I just used this scent in a test batch of cp sailor's soap, and it smells amazing. Like a tropical drink. 100% will be using this scent regularly.

Thanks Chris. This is a very popular scent. We use this in our Advanced Swirl Classes because it is slow to trace, and works beautifully in soap. It also smells amazing, agreed.

Karen R
An explosion of citrus

This fragrance is an energizing burst of freshness. It is bright and uplifting. It worked well in cold process soap.

Volcano is super popular and I always offer it as a choice in the Advanced Soap making (Swirls) class because it behaves so well.

Bright and fresh!

Smells like a tall glass of fresh citrus juices. Smells really really good!! Worked perfectly in CP!