Where did Wixy Soap come from?

I moved here in 2011 from Southern Alberta.  Originally a Calgarian, I went to school as a draftsman, hoping to fulfil my lifetime dream of becoming an architect.   My father took us to a beautiful home in Springbank.  I was in awe.  I wanted to be an architect since that day in grade 7.

By 2008 I had a Custom Home building company. And by 2011 I moved to Sherwood Park to be close to my aging parents, after reeling from the 2008 Housing crash.

I brought my 2 dogs with me, Winnie and Foxy.  They were sister Shih Tzu's and very attached to me.

When Foxy was around 15 she had dementia.  She also developed a severe skin infection, treated with drugs and steroids and had to be bathed with medicated shampoo every 2 days or she would be severely distressed.  

A fellow from work from Goya suggested I feed her turmeric with her food.

BAM... I was going natural.

She cleared up to the point where she was off most of her meds.  I was astounded.  From then on I vowed to make natural dog shampoo.  And so Wixy Soap was born, named for Winnie and Foxy.

Winnie and Foxy are now gone, but I have a beautiful Maltipoo named Pi.  She loves all the people that come to class.  Eagerly sniffing them to see if they will be allowed in, then greeting them with her favorite ball.  She lies in her cozy bed while the class is on, unless some dog lover decides to pet her while listening...  Then it's off to visit during break. 

There's 2 foster cats there too.  But you'll never see them.  They are ninjas.  Those with allergies, even extreme cat allergies have been able to take the class.  The classroom is very clean and no carpet to harbor dander and fur.

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